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Manchester, UK

How Long is Forever?
Edition 1 of 1
The first person to purchase this NFT will have the option to also receive the 30×20 inch Original painting on canvas board. Welcome to a world that is both seductive and dangerous. ‘Reflections may expose more reality than the object they echo.’ The surveyor becomes the surveyed. She turns herself into an object of sight. ‘Forever’ might turn out to be just one second, one minute, one day, one month, one year… who knows. Time here is different. Not bad, not good, just not the ‘same’. It does not have any rules to follow. Sleep does not exist. Appreciate the moment. Make it last forever. Every picture tells a story. Not every ending will please you. Winning bidder please contact @katshekittybast on Twitter if you would like me to arrange shipping of the painting 🙂 x (Sennelier oil, acrylic & non toxic thinner, Faber-Castell, various markers)

Lachlan Turczan

Los Angeles

Cloud Shadows
Edition 1 of 1
Digitally processed time lapse of cloud shadows over mountain ranges. Filmed in New Zealand


All Socials⬇⬇
A versatile artist & brand owner based in Atlanta. His work visualizes his perspective of an artistic utopia but yet, sometimes dark. When it comes to touching new mediums and breaking boundaries, he is fearless with a perpetual hunger for art. Vaveili is still in the midst of self discovery.

Cloud Sailing
Edition 1 of 1
“Sailing Heavenly, away from our realm.”


he/him —- Hi I’m Meli, I like to combine different digital and traditional mediums while keeping a visual consistency between my pieces. I combine animation, illustration, video and 3D into self exploring pieces with cosmic and philosophical themes.

Edition 1 of 1
This piece was created using digital illustration software and photo manipulation.



Dick doing Yoga
Edition 1 of 1
The original “Dick doing Yoga” from 2017. One close-up and one glorious wide.

Andre Zimmermann

Andre Zimmermann is a self-taught 3D artist from Germany. His work combines aspects of illustration and realistic 3D art. Colors are carefully selected and used as consistently as possible across several pieces.

Glass Spheres
Edition 1 of 1
3D artwork with flat design elements. Created by KWRRK in 2020, 1920×1920 px. Part of the Ethereal Blue series.


37° N, 95° W
Vivid, Techno-Punk Illustrations. xsullo crafts techno-dystopic works with digital approaches. Touches of surrealism and a distinct color palette blend with xsullo’s tight linework, reminiscent of Moebius, techno-punk anime, or artists within the Heavy Metal roster. The artist often works abstractions into the pieces that resemble both digital glitches and painterly touches. HI-FRUCTOSE ART MAGAZINE (2018)

Edition 1 of 1
3d / 2d digital illustration. 4000 x 5000 pixels.

Six N. Five

Creator of digital Images, Films, and Objects. Exploring the boundaries between Digital and Physical since 2014.

Edition 1 of 1
This image is a big deal in the Six N. Five career. It brought us incredible repercussion around the world. It came at the right moment, opened the right doors. It gave us the confidence to believe that we already had a style and that we could transmit emotions to the viewer. We feel that with this image, we contributed to the birth of the Escapism style in 3D.


Buenos Aires, Argentina
I’m a digital artist from Buenos Aires. I build surreal semi-static worlds to manifest the wonder and absurdity that coexists in everything.

Arctic Lodge
Edition 1 of 1
Man has invaded everything. That which was virgin, that which was to remain immaculate. The scope of trade where there should be silence and wonder. Still artwork file 6000px resolution included (request). Loopable.

Claudie Linke

Artist & Illustrator from Germany, now island-based. Believes in coconut water, love, art & science. Her work explores society, politics & history. Also digs those not-so-serious projects. Her technique spans from traditional paintings with acrylics, ink & colored pencils to digital painting and picture in motion. Enjoys tapping into new technologies (currently AI, but with a twist – stay tuned!) or producing music as soundtracks for her art. Always playing. Insta @claudielinke_illustration

The Wild West I The End Of An Era
Edition 1 of 1
The animation & its soundtrack is an audio-visual meditation about the current state of our western, trumpesque society. Looking at the modern world through the lense of the concept pride. Pride, as one of the seven deadly sins. We are living in times of change – this is the end of an era, but also the beginning of something new.

Alex Ness
Alex Ness is a digital artist specializing in 3D animation. He has been creating 3D design since early 2010. Over the last 5 years, he has been creating visuals for award-winning artists’ tours and shows.

Edition 1 of 1
Two seamlessly looping animations within one piece, combining the worlds of futuristic animations within hyperreal nature environments. 2160x2160px.

Adam Yates

Twitter: @adamyatesart Instagram: @adamxyates

Desolate State of Mind
Edition 1 of 1
Visualization of an overwhelmed mind.


Yogyakarta, Indonesia
rubahitam (Rifqi Ardiansyah) is a freelance motion designer, 2d animator & 3D artist based in Indonesia. I love to create 3d in cel-shading style.

Edition 1 of 1
sugar….. honey…. ice…. tea! Cel-shaded 3d animation (0:08/looped) 1080X1080 PX Encoded in H265-MP4

Stijn Orlans

22 year old 3D artist

Edition 1 of 1
This image is the first artwork made for my project of 3D rendered images called ‘Solitude’. The project is about the positive aspects of being alone. The collection shows these little houses in the middle of nowhere where you could escape from reality once in a while. With this image I wanted to remember people that it’s necessary to escape this fast moving society from time to time to work on passions, spark creativity or just take a moment for yourself.

Graphic artist & novice astronaut exploring alternate realities through mixed media art & design. (BA) graphic & digital design graduate. Inner mind situated in Outer space.

Edition 1 of 1
An art piece created during a unique & unprecedented time in human history. One where individuals, though interconnected through modern technologies, were left more isolated then ever. – Mixed media piece combining digital painting, photographic manipulation & animated elements.

Adrian Pocobelli

Italian-Canadian artist based in Berlin

Study for The Peloponnesian War
Edition 1 of 1
A study for The Peloponnesian War trading card artbook by Adrian Pocobelli. Width: 3000 px Height: 3749 px. Created on an iPhone 6S.

Antoni Tudisco

3D Artist

Edition 1 of 1
octopu$$y by Antoni Tudisco

Tom Orchard

Las Vegas Angel
Edition 1 of 1
No sympathy for the devil; keep that in mind.


Los Angeles
đź’–All proceeds go to Black Girls Code đź’–

Rebirth of Venus
Edition 1 of 1
Old systems, identities and rules no longer need to bind us. If we decide something has value or a story meaning, then it does. My piece is a meditation on that feeling of throwing skepticism to the wind and accepting endless potential outcomes, realities and truths. – $MIQ

Lans King

London UK
Lans King is perhaps the first cyborg artist. He has become known for his radical artwork for which he surgically implanted an NFC microchip into his body. The microchip is the key element of his conceptual artwork “This is my body (of work), 2020”. Encased in a small glass capsule, the microchip contains a crypto (blockchain) code that represents the work itself. It is also connected to all of his works in that it contains the algorithm that Lans uses to produce his physical artworks.

Hyperreality TeleShaman
Edition 1 of 1
Lans King’s NFT Capsules are connected to the microchip capsule that is implanted in his hand. They “encapsulate” the themes of the artist’s ongoing project called “The Hyperreality Show”. — Hyperreality is the state in which the lines are blurred between real & the virtual, analog & digital, humanity & technology. — These works are composed of layers of code and animation that recall the style of Lans King’s physical artworks. /////// This capsule is a single 1/1 variant of a previous work called The Digital Shaman — According to anthropologists, the shaman was the first artist. Through trance, they traveled to spiritual dimensions, returning with visions that they rendered onto the walls of their deepest caverns. Some believe that digital art lacks the spirituality of physical art. However, freed from the limitations of the material world, perhaps the virtual shaman will attain new levels of transcendence…and leave their marks on the surfaces of virtual caverns…


Edition 1 of 1
This is a unique piece where we can see how a plant grows digitally. It is of course easier than in real life.

Jean-Paul Opperman

Visual artist based in the Netherlands. Graduated Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam. I love to draw silly stories and fairy tales in my own way.

Donkey Flight
Edition 1 of 1
Partly inspired by Picasso and Rodin’s kiss I wanted to give this energy of drifting away into arousal a place. Two donkeys up and away.
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