Okytomo: Ruins

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Edition 1 of 1
We build our fortune to a certain point, from there on, uncertainty.

I see them as infinite, elemental
Executors of an ancient pact,
To multiply the world like the act
Of begetting. Sleepless. Bringing doom.
They prolong this hollow, unstable world
In their dizzying spider’s-web

Jorge Luis Borges

Okytomo’s Ruins collection is a series of ruins that embody the spirit of survival. They are spaces submerged in blackness, the color of the ash. His works are witnesses that acknowledge us directly: depicting bodies, moons, cities, classical sculptures and machines. Distance echoes throughout his work and imbues it with an air of melancholy and enigma. Blinks, flashes, turns and sudden movement: motion is only hinted at, and space becomes silence. Bodies seem to be suspended in the cold marble and metal.

Pensamientos del oraculo
Edition 1 of 1
Lost stability. MP4

Classicism sheds its remote quality, reviving lost words as that which was inanimate regains life. Sculptures perform, walk, unfold themselves and fly. They no longer respond to the logic of the unknown; the world surrounding them has become another.

Octavio does not resign himself to the past, he instead enlightens all those things that resist obscurity. They do so not from the inside of the image itself, but from a malleable exterior. Images are not enclosed, the surfaces reach out to the world beyond. They create reflection a extend an invitation. The ruins open un to us infinite possible places, with cyberspace acting as only one of them. The collection does not propose a different reality but an expansion of our own. We enter into this abyss, situating ourselves in order to question the nature of what surrounds us.

Edition 1 of 1
She carried that weight.

Okytomo is an Argentine visual artist, currently finishing his Sound & Image Design degree at the University of Buenos Aires. He is a full-time artist and member of Cryptoarg, a community formed by 23 Argentine artists. For Octavio, the creative process is not an alternative but an actual need. From an early age he felt challenged by technology, in the way it invites continuous exploration of materials and personal innovation.

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