Weekly Top 10 Picks by Collector crypto_northerner

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Weekly Top 10 Picks by Collector crypto_northerner (Twitter: @G79Manc)

A Maze by number41

“When our consciousness has become a haven of illusions, our mind may have a hard time to fight the maze in our thinking. Only anchor points from our past and the innocence of our childhood might give back the core of what we are. (“Not without the past”)” ― Erik Pevernagie

”ETHME” by yusaymon

Knock Knock Knock! Hey Yu is that a T-Shirt?

TERROR by fakito

TERROR – nombre masculino – 1. Miedo intenso. – 2. Persona o cosa que infunde ese miedo intenso. – 2500x3000px

Curse of the Dancing Flamingos by Gavin Shapiro

3D animation by Gavin Shapiro. Style transfer by Jeremy Torman. Music by cYsmix.

Love Beam by femzor

May the shadows fall behind us

Gaudi Bull by durkatwork

Art Bull Series Number 3: Gaudi
Tribute to the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi

Christine et la pièce digitale by Alotta Money

A digital euro would make 100% of your payments traceable. It could actively encourage innovation in taxation. The ECB and the national central banks of the euro area are exploring the benefits and risks so that money continues to control Europeans citizen. A digital euro would preserve the benefits that the euro provides to governments. It would help to deal with situations in which people no longer deserve privacy.

Encuentro paz en la inmensidad de la oscuridad by ekaitza

Duo tone version of a textured skull playing with light and texture balancing the austerity of a dark palette. 3500 x 3500 pixels. Rendered at 300 ppi.

To_infinitude by WintEagle


Hyekula Dance by wrongbedroom

Hyekula Dance is an experimental space fusion company known for engaging theatricality, brain pounding choreography and the seamless merging of cross galactic techniques and inspirations.

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