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Blue Moon
Edition 1 of 1


Melbourne, Australia
I can do all this…

Edition 1 of 1
Opening a portal to another dimension… Are you feeling sleepy?

Amaan Jahangir

I am a UK based Artist who addresses experiences we all face such as love; loss, memory, identity politics, mythology and psychology. The idea of a forever feeling, wonderful encounters, important moments and everything close to them. I attempted to capture that feeling, there’s a sort of loss in translation from thoughts to words, they feel limiting and the work is my best attempt of portraying that unspoken and vivid language.

Let’s Get Married
Edition 1 of 1
The hazy memory of one new years night , the feeling of ecstasy and passion- I long for that moment . Memory feeling dreamlike , put the past on a pedestal , oh how I want it .

Roger Kilimanjaro

Paris, France
french 3d artist, I make cool loops.

Golden Fries Cascade
Edition 1 of 1
Behold the iconic creation of delicate and luxurious golden fries in an endless cascade of deliciousness… but don’t spend too much time watching it. 1080*1080, mp4.


teethgrinding artist

Ancient Area Network
Edition 1 of 1
“I got baptized on such a party. They gave me my first real name while we played a pirated FarCry alpha and were too young to think about tomorrow. Eight people in a dusty, wooden, smelly room while a storm was unroofing the buildings around us, leaving only magic, dreams and debris.”

Sean Williams

Evanston, IL
WEIRDWILDWORLD. Twitter/IG @iartsometimes

Edition 1 of 1
We all come from the same Soürce. Everything you believe, everything you’re made of, everything you ARE, makes you Hümban. Welcome to the WEIRDWILDWORLD. The very first SuperRare x WEIRDWILDWORLD NFT Made with Procreate, FL Studio, & Final Cut Pro


Summer’s Young
Edition 1 of 1
Edition 1 of 1 – Soundtrack by PLS&TY – From PLS&TY “Summer’s Young ft. Dia Frampton” Single Release

Visual Artisan, surreal seeker.

Edition 1 of 1
Hundreds of marbles play a passage from the 32 Varations in C Minor by Beethoven. All the notes are played accurately. A visual 3d work driven by my love for the instrument.


The Beautiful Life of an Active Mind
Edition 1 of 1
“Having an active mind is a beautiful thing sometimes, You just close your eyes & you’re out of there.” A digital artwork made by Lucas Harmon

Marco Mori

Hi, I am Marco Mori, a 3D artist based in Germany. I love experimenting with new tools and techniques. Preferring weird over normal and always adding a bit of humor to my works. You can check all my works on instagram or at

Edition 1 of 1
A lot of people are afraid of spiders, but also when they are that cute??


United Kingdom
hey there you can call me odious, I make art based on experience and emotion. I have a weird mind but it makes sense to me ❤️️

it’s all in my head
Edition 1 of 1
this piece was made whilst I was going through a feeling of detachment from reality, nothing felt real but the thoughts in my head, these thoughts kept me grounded, and thus it’s all in my head 🖤

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