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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

ENIS NI EVIL by nickeays

Sacrifices are made at the altar for the god Saturn who delivers onto us the gift of the present in which everything always has and always will exist

Unlike most pictures of god Saturn (mostly a masculine, elderly guy), here Saturn looks feminine, preteen, something between a fairy and an alien. Despite of being a sacrifice, the dead seem to be having a celebration, receiving the gift of “the present in which everything always has and always will exist.” It’s not surprising though, as big holiday is often associated god Saturn. Hence the whole mood is ironically cheerful – a bunch of dead skeletons celebrating the long lasting of the moment.

Testing Mirrors by Stanley Sunday

He offers a flower to me while I test the reflection of six mirrors.

I love how Stanley Sunday can picture male nudes in the most frank and undisguised way, put them in an environment where their nakedness is strongly (if not embarrassed-ly) felt, and then fill the story setting with an innocent, sweet, loving feeling.

Cloud Chaser by smeccea

A Reflective Meditation Experience

You can feel everything wonderful about nature in this 10 seconds: flowers, plants, clouds, light, sunshine, breeze, gentleness, life, warmth, flagrance, color. The mirror might symbolize something spiritual and introspective. In the process of meditation and reflection, the ego disappears, it becomes part of nature – calm, cheerful, formless, in harmony with life.

Ancient Area Network by zomax

“I got baptized on such a party. They gave me my first real name while we played a pirated FarCry alpha and were too young to think about tomorrow. Eight people in a dusty, wooden, smelly room while a storm was unroofing the buildings around us, leaving only magic, dreams and debris.”

The room is so full of details. You see computers with their screens on, as if someone just left their work half done minutes ago and will be right back. There are cups left with coffee, half empty water bottles, beer or red bull cans, microwave with its light on and some food in, power strips (still on, too), messed up electric cords across the floor, notes and papers pasted on the wall, an electric fan. It’s just like one of our rooms that are filled with the most familiar everyday stuff. But it also looks so strange and unfamiliar, totally uninhabitable. The bad lightings, old chandeliers, old famous paintings like “Liberty Leading the People” hung on the over crowded wall. The floor seems to be dusty. And the familiar everyday stuff are more like debris. It’s like a dusty dream of things we know but entirely illogical.

Electric Nature by Reisinger Andres

Digital Installation part of Electric Nature serie.

The depiction of nature is so soft, elegant and dreamlike. It’s so natural and surreal at the same time. It has this feeling of lightness and gentle touch.

Blue Moon by onefallart

Blue Moon
Edition 1 of 1

onefallart’s humanoids/cyborgs are so futuristic and sci-fi like. Plastics and metals usually cover and become parts of the human body. Distorted, hurt, yet the human flesh manages to coexist with the unnatural materials. They find elegance and fashion with this futuristic set of aesthetics.

Reflection Taunts My Empty Soul by Etiene Crauss

I passed your house, it looked so cold.

This time Etiene reduces his use of color to only black and white (maybe not white, what is that color called?) to convey the feeling of extreme “coldness” & “emptiness”. He still uses the simple 2D plane to construct a 3D space – it’s either “your house” or “my empty soul,” or maybe even both, where it has no clear boundary and seems to expand into infinity. This further increases the feeling of cold emptiness while also leaves the possibility of being an abstract mental space. In the middle is a distorted human body with an even more distorted face. It reminds of Picasso’s multi perspective bodies & faces, except that it’s more rounded and has volume. Emotionally, you can almost feel the pain and depression concentrated around the brain, with the help of the sketch lines. It’s a typical Etiene Crauss piece with its simplicity and intensity, plus the recurring red square. I wonder what that means.

spending too many hours without substance by reilly stasienko

i enjoy creating people interacting within their spaces. this log cabin feels warm and cozy yet the background is cold and almost isolated. the characters within the room are relieved and relaxed even though it seems as if the cold from outside is coming into their room. i made this piece in the dead of winter where there was nothing to do but draw indoors on my ipad. at this time, i really became fascinated by interiors and how people exist within them. from this, i wanted to invent my own. thank you for looking!

It is a depiction of “interior” however it’s presented like an open space where you can have a frontal view of almost everything. There are only two walls visible which are flattened into a curve. Other furnitures are also disproportioned to fit into this distorted perspective. The human figure is as curvy as the sofa, while the cat, is so disproportioned and elongated (but still cute.) Above the cat is a sofa that looks like flying in the air. Color wise, reilly stasienko uses redness to depict almost everything inside, maybe to convey the warmth & coziness within the room in contrast to the black & white dead cold winter outside.

I Don’t Want Spaceships, I Miss My Roses. by K.A

when I’m sober I might testify, that this world has fallen out of place. For the few that touch the sky. (K.A Mythos Collection 2020)

Roses at the bottom, rosy colors overall, black & white clouds, the nearly transparent sun with a rosy colored aura around it. In the middle, I can tell a pair of wings. Other than that the others seem very abstract to me? The title is very poetic. Again, love KA’s use of color and the noise effect overall.

under the orange sun by blacksneakers

waiting for the unknown under the orange sun

Just found out that almost all the pieces blacksneakers has tokenized on SR so far have a very bright light source (sun) in it. Some of these light sources are shown/half shown in the picture, some are shown as in reflections (a mirror, for example), while others are not in the frame, but you can tell they exist from the very bright yellow light cast on every human figure and object. It’s a very touching discovery for me. The people in her art are often faceless. Yet with these bright lights cast on people and their environments, her art always has a sense of warmth, hope, and peace in it.

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