GenZ Exhibit: Art on View

Excited to announce that our upcoming exhibition “SuperRare GenZs” will open on this Friday (Oct 30) 4-6pm EST.

Featured artists: blacksneakersetiene craussFakitoFede BonafemzorfewociousharvmcmjonathanwwolfeKayShaMERCPINmushbuhparrott_ism

Time: Oct 30, 4-6pm EST

Location: Decentraland SuperRare Museum (55,94)


See below the artworks that will be on view:


North Carolina, USA

“in the summer, i wish to be with you”

Connections and bonds between our peers mean more to us now more than ever, especially if it’s with someone we can surely depend on. that connection can go so far and that the happiest times can be with our friends and loved ones. ‘In The Summer, I Wish To Be With You’ reminiscences on those moments. 

“some things are larger than life”

In some instances, we can feel small, possibly insignificant, while the rest go by seeming bigger and not knowledgeable of our internal struggles. This piece represents that fleeting moment of doubt and uncertainty of our role in life.

etiene crauss

20-year old artist from Brazil.

My work is very melancholy, it often shows loneliness, and the desire to be free. There is hope, but you can’t see. I think this is very relatable with Gen Z, a generation that seeks to be independent, often confused about their future, who wants to fly away and be free.


Buenos Aires, Argentina
3D Artist from Argentina.

I love using vibrant colors when working on art and tying the hues to emotions. Different colors represent different sets of feelings, on TERROR i used red to represent fear and adrenaline, which is very well represented by such a warm hue. The pieces which have colder values to them, like AYUDA (which means “help”) represent a sadder, more emotional feeling. I believe that using colors in this way gives my work a bigger impact when first seen. My goal is to make people feel what i felt when making the pieces but also leave room for interpretation, as i think that one person can see the piece differently than another one. In some cases the message is quite obvious, in some, it isn’t. Whether people see why I painted what i painted or not, my goal is to have the viewer understand the overall emotion of the piece, even if they don’t necessarily understand where it’s coming from.

Fede Bona

Argentina – Buenos Aires
19yo Artist based in Argentina.
Spontaneous and conceptual representations of everything that’s related with me somehow.

My works are characterized by spontaneity when making them, contextual and conceptually they represent my life in a specific moment. I’m in a moment in my life where I’m experiencing a lot of big changes and all of these are transferred to my art. That’s something that, in my opinion, represents being a Gen Z artist nowadays. Sudden changes, doubts, new responsibilities, obligations, new feelings.


são paulo
brazilian pseudoartist

Finale” is a visual representation of the artist in its purest form, a depiction of the rush of feelings that I feel when I am in my zone. The water is red, the piano is on fire and the sun is almost gone, but the show must go on even though it seems like the world is about to end. My generation has been exposed to the fear of an apocalyptic ending in a lot of ways, from Netflix shows to covid-19.

I live with that fear myself, I know the world is ending soon, and I might see it all with my own eyes. I am not saying that is a good or a bad thing, but there’s something really special about being so close to the end. It is a generational curse we have to live with, but the show must go on.


las vegas
i’m FEWOCiOUS, a pop surrealist making digital artwork that shows how i’m feeling that day. twitter: @fewocious

Our memories & experiences make up who we are. The works I chose are reflections of my memories… Everyone is trying to navigate life the best way they can, and it can feel overwhelming sometimes. How do I know if I’m going the right way? My work depicts the growing pains that come with growing up. I’m trying to figure out who I am & it’s scary being so vulnerable with myself.I think I like to trick myself and pretend I know exactly who I am, but my art is me brainstorming and slowly uncovering the truth. GenZ is leading the future, and will change the world. First, we gotta get to know ourselves.


scottish artist

‘Too Close’

‘Too Close’ is a piece about interaction. It revolves around that feeling of isolation even in the company of others, the worry about getting too close and attached to someone, a recurring theme in a handful of my works. In this piece, and a good majority of my works, I use vibrant, striking and in your face colours, especially when the theme of the work is much darker. It gives a piece like this multiple sides and I enjoy the blend of these differences. In this GIF, you only really get a clear glimpse of the two figures for a second or so before they glitch seamlessly into each other, they are getting too close. This piece relates to the relationships people (especially those of us in the GenZ bracket) have and the struggle of wanting to section yourself off but also wanting close interaction at the same time. A confusion of emotions. Come closer, but please, not that close. 

‘Stuck in Limbo’

‘Stuck in Limbo’ features very similar ideas with ‘Too close’. The piece touches on interaction once more, yet this time it revolves around this never-ending loop. These figures are permanently connected yet they must find their own way out. This idea of finding your own way out relates to finding your own way in life, something that people in the GenZ era are in the process of doing or just on the tail end of. This is one of the pieces where I would leave much of the explanation up to the viewer, everyone can interpret this piece differently, or any of my works. 

‘Your hands’

‘Your hands’ is one of my favourite pieces I’ve done recently. This piece is centred around a feeling of control, lack of in this case. The characters heart is being ripped from their chest, in these ominous monochrome hands. This mainly represents a lack of emotional control, which the lightning also helps to emphasise, a strike of rage. This piece relates to the theme of GenZ easily. As young people a lot of us are still learning and growing. Controlling these emotions and interactions can be difficult and this piece emphasises this. My heart, stuck in your hands.

‘Waiting for the world to end’

‘Waiting for the world to end’ is a very special piece to me. It is one of my deeper pieces, the colours are toned down from my usual and I have used an excess of void space to really emphasise that feeling of solitude. This piece directly refers to the current worldwide issues everyone is facing right now. Being young and GenZ feeling like you are watching the end of the world, just watching as everything gets crazier and crazier. The character is patiently and calmly waiting, even when the world is on fire around them, a feeling I bet a lot of us have felt this year. Isolated from reality, waiting.


Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian artist working with paint and digital.

I think to sum up the works I chose, it would be joy and anxiety. An odd combination of emotion that sums up what it’s like to grow up in these times perfectly. I really do think this is the best period to be an artist so far, there’s so many opportunities and that makes me extremely grateful and happy to be growing up now. I try to focus more on the positive in my work, I want my paintings to be a bit of relief to the viewer. Although i don’t limit myself to just “happy” work, as growing up now is obviously not a very optimistic time to many unfortunately. in my “Plastic” series I try to showcase more serious issues, such as climate change and pollution, an issue that my generation is going to have to deal with soon.

We are two sisters, K. and S. We like art, maths, science, movies, legos and horses. We are curious and we are here to get to know this world of cryptoart too. Our art plays with shapes, colors and imagination.


Amarillo Texas
18 year old artist, creating things on the internet


Being a peculiar child, i was no stranger to rejection and isolation from my peers.


The anxiety of keeping up. Seems like with every new generation comes more and more problems.

I’ll love you forever, even when were not together

Growing up during a pandemic, i wanted to encapsulate the feeling of longing, missing someone very dearly. The sadness of not being able to be near those who are most important to you.


The original reimagined by a new generation.

Mushbuh is a self-taught 3d and 2d artist. They have 3 published comic books with two award nominations. Past clients include Cartoon Network, Microsoft, Brainfeeder Music, Fangamer, MALTINE, Adult Swim, works shown at Hasselt Museum of Fashion, Fumetto International Comics Festival in Switzerland, The Doug Wright awards in Toronto, CapsuleCorner in LA
TWITTER – @mushbuh

Thanks for looking at my images, I hope you like em. The theme of these works is “cool and good art” I think you will agree! Maybe you can figure out how it relates to genZ, why should I spoil it for you? Enjoy!


my art is a byproduct of my existence exploring all mediums

The overarching theme of my work usually resides in a duality of organic vs synthetic. Nature vs technology. Traditions of old vs novelty of the youth. My art tries to represent the dichotomy of my mind and that of our generation. 

These opposing ideas come through me aesthetically, through my chosen mediums and through the way I present and share my creations.
I find myself – on one hand wanting to dive deep and fully immerse myself in new tech and on the other – wanting to eject myself from modern society and live a nomadic lifestyle of seclusion. Half of me longs for the simplistic time before social media and iPhones, half of me is frustrated at the speed of technological growth and wants nano technology yesterday. The friction of these two romanticized ideals produce the sparks of my creations.

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