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Excited to announce that our upcoming exhibition “SuperRare GenZs” will open on this Friday (Oct 30) 4-6pm EST.

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Time: Oct 30, 4-6pm EST

Location: Decentraland SuperRare Museum (55,94)


blacksneakers – Illustrator

What’s special about being GenZ? How it relates to your art?

Gen Z is a strong generation I believe, because not only are we accepting of others and their differences, we embrace our own. Whether it’s about identity, sexuality, gender, or anything of the sort – we see you and understand. Even the wrongness many face, we understand and try to bring comfort. Gen Z to art is another evolving era in the this world, the phrase “art is subjective” means more now than ever. That’s why we’re so special, our creativity reflects who we are, and that’s seen through the eyes of others who accept that.

don’t expect us to save you
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in a world full of heroes, not all of them are up for the job.
What’s special about being an artist in this generation? What’s the role of artists in today’s world?

Being an artist in this generation gives us room to discuss current social and political topics, those two in particular since they shape the functions of society. Artists in this generation bring that conversation to life through their expression in art. Our role is to further the conversation, make it heard or add a voice to the matter. 

What does art mean to you? Why you become an artist?

Art to me, and I think to others as well to an extent, is a way of escaping from reality but also accepting it for what it is. It’s definitely not perfect, it never will, but to be able ot use my ability the way I do brings a sense of peace – things make more sense. And since my work is primarily focused on the black narrative, it makes the current social situation a bit more bearable. I didn’t have to do art, I didn’t need to create anything, however it became clear as to why it felt right. I think that’s why I decided to become an artist; not only was it already there, but it made sense to use it for others and myself. 

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collective angst
Your goals for the future? What kind of artists you want to be? What do you want to achieve/express through your art?

When I was younger, I knew I wanted to become an artist, I just didn’t know how at the time. The whole “starving artist” really shook me for a bit, because art was important enough to me to make it my sole career. However, my goals have so been made by becoming the illustrator I decided to be back in junior year of high school. It only took a few years, but the art I’m producing brings me nothing but joy and peace. In my illustrations, reality is slightly altered but delves into situations and mindsets that many have experienced, especially those in the black community. That’s why I do this, to express the complexities those in my community may face – not physically, but emotionally and mentally. 

Where do you think you are at in your life (struggles & growth)?

At this very moment, as I type this, I’m at a point that I’m growing. I grew prior to when I discovered my style, but there’s no stopping for an artist. As we get older and a little wiser, our art evolves with us. So, as I get older, as I get a little more knowledgeable of the world around me, my artwork grows along with it. I understand this, however, I struggle to accept the changes that will eventually be made – they’re simply inevitable. These last few months, so much love and support has come my way and I couldn’t be my grateful for it, but I do worry about what will happen along the way. Will the love stay as I evolve, or in the end will it be just me and my creativity. 

is this seat taken?
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represents our understanding of our own existence and it’s purpose, especially based on the title. often we struggle to understand its relevancy, but certainly, it’s important to know your existence is a purpose itself, there’s a reason for it.
Which artists in the history are your role models?

There aren’t many artists from the past that I look up to besides Frida Khalo, and although it might be cliche, she stands out to me the most as a woman and as an artist. 

How to be a successful GenZ artist?

Hm, the only thing I can really think of is be yourself and the right audience will eventually come in. I have no idea if this is helpful, but there are various artist art there with art styles that dont correlate at all. Let me say this instead, there’s art for everyone, so don’t be shy about your amazing ability and worry about how others may perceive it as. Keep posting and before you know it, there will be those you don’t even know who will wholeheartedly support you. 

in the summer, i wish to be with you
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the summer is almost over
Technically define GenZ artists (like what tools are you using?)

Gen Z artists range from traditional to digital, but I’m more on the digital spectrum. And despite how handy Photoshop has become for me, Procreate flows so smooth, it’s my second go to program. 

What do you think of the estalished traditional fine art world/market VS. cryptoart world? Which one do you prefer? How do you imagine the future of cryptoart would be?

Previously, I had only dipped my pinky toe into the world market of fine art – my two biggest pieces now residing in a gallery in London, UK. But I have more experience now with crypto art, and based on how much technology has changed in the last two decades, it seems more feasible. Crypto art fits the idea of now instead of tomorrow since everything is so fast paced and media based. I understand the hype it has gotten, and although I don’t know the entirety of how it operates, I think it benefits artists greatly. Crypto art has become more popular by the minute, I wouldn’t be surprised of the fine art world market eventually made the hurdle into the digital side of selling and trading. I say this because technology is everything now, society wants most things at the touch of their fingertips, so to be able to purchase and access art with such ease fits the ever growing concepts of today. 

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