Fakito: from a Hobby to a Job

Excited to announce that our upcoming exhibition “SuperRare GenZs” will open on this Friday (Oct 30) 4-6pm EST.

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Time: Oct 30, 4-6pm EST

Location: Decentraland SuperRare Museum (55,94)

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Fakito is a 3D Artist from Argentina.

What’s special about being GenZ in the crypto world? How does it relate to art and to how you interpret it?

Being in the crypto world as a GenZ is very interesting, as we were already born with a lot of the technologies that are used today to carry out a lot of processes associated with cryptoart. In my opinion, the only thing that may be different about how GenZs interpret art in comparison to other generations is the techniques that we associate to it and what we consider to be art. I believe that as we were born with technological advances all around us and in a “digital age” it is easier for us to think of digital art as actual art and not undermine any artists just because of the techniques they use. 

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TERROR – nombre masculino – 1. Miedo intenso. – 2. Persona o cosa que infunde ese miedo intenso. – 2500x3000px

What’s special about being an artist in this generation? What’s the role of artists in today’s world?

The most special thing about being an artist in this generation is the sheer volume of artwork we interact with every day on the internet that simply wasn’t possible years ago. Gaining exposure can be easier if thought about from a technical point of view, but, given the amount of art available for people online, it is also easier to get “lost” in the thousands of pieces posted online every single day. I think that an artist’s role in today’s world is to revolutionize what is seen as art and what is considered as art.

What does art mean to you? Why did you become an artist?

Art is my way of expressing myself, whether it’s visual art or any other form, like music, for example, which i like to dabble in once in a while. Everyone has a way of expressing themselves and being true to themselves, mine is art. I think I became an artist accidentally. I always liked graphic and industrial design, so that’s what led me to learn how to model in 3D and how to use other software. I consider design to be art, but i say that i became an artist by accident as i was not using design as a form of expression, I was only doing client work and catering to their every need. After some time doing design work, I came across some artists on social media which I immediately recognized used the same techniques as me but to produce something completely different, and that’s when i became fascinated and started to express myself in a similar way. 

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Starting by the end, he found the answers He lost along the way. He’s not sure what’s next, but nothing ends here, and here everything begins. Is it possible to dream when you know you are dreaming? Or are you just living? A Collaboration with Lenny Forster. 5000x6000px

What are your goals for the future? What kind of artist do you want to be? What do you want to achieve/express through your art?

My main goals for the future are to build a collection that I am proud of, and that I think reflects myself as a person and as an artist. I want to be an artist that can be interpreted differently by every person who views my pieces. I want everyone to find themselves in what I do. I usually try to express what I’m feeling when I come up with the idea, but I do camouflage the topics pretty well, they are usually easy to see but it is also easy to relate them to oneself in my opinion.. 

Where do you think you are at in your life?

I am at a turning point in my life, this is the point where i really found out what I actually love to do. This point in my life is when I finally see that there I can live from art. I am very happy to be able to do what I do professionally, it is a dream come true.

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A space occupied by a virtual entity. The tension of being connected to everything. The fusion with space humanizes the digital body. Rising energy and metal skin. The origin is the aquatic space. 4000x4000px superrare.com/crypt0baby

Which artists in history are your role models?

When I started getting into art I also began to take much more interest into art history class in school. My favourite artists I have all studied in this class.

  • Salvador Dalí: He is one of my favourite artists because of the way he used to come up with the ideas of his paintings, and because of the way he so boldly expressed how he felt in his work and how he represented situations of his life. A clear example of this would arguably be one of his most recognizable pieces, “The Persistence of Memory”. The melting clocks were inspired by how Camembert cheese would melt in the oven, and the bugs and insects that appear in the painting are a recurring subject in his work that represent his fear towards them.
“The Persistence of Memory” – Salvador Dalí 
  • Vincent Van Gogh: The reason I chose Van Gogh as one of my other inspirations is because he never quit as an artist, he always did his best, he had never sold a painting but he would simply not quit, he knew it was his passion, and he stuck by it. I don’t have a single favorite painting from his, but rather a whole series, his self-portraits. His representations of himself are my favorite out of all his work because you can really see what was going through his head when he painted them. He would express this with the intensity of the brushstrokes and his use of lighting, and, most importantly, his facial expressions.
Some of Van Gogh’s self portraits.

How to be a successful GenZ artist?

I think the key to being successful in this generation as an artist is to be true to your work and embrace the opportunities that social media offers. Taking advantage of the internet is the key to success in today’s world, with a good marketing strategy and a good attitude anyone can make it really far.

Technically define GenZ artists.

When talking about digital art, I think that there is a pattern of tools that repeats amongst almost every artist, but we all have a different way of using them and find different solutions in each one. I myself use 3D software to model everything I do and I then color correct my pieces with post production software. To make “CUBA”, for example, I modeled everything in 3D and used a character creation software for the person in the middle, after everything was modeled I went on to the next step, texturing and lighting, where I added the sunlight that hits the room from the left and every single texture, like the leather in the seats, to complete the scene. After several hours of rendering, the final image was put into post production software where it was fine tuned and colors were adjusted.

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Music. 2500x3000px. 3D Render.

What do you think of the established traditional fine art world/market VS. cryptoart world? Which one do you prefer? How do you imagine the future of cryptoart would be? 

I think that the traditional fine art market works for some pieces but not for every type of art, I believe that the cryptoart market suits digital art better. I predict a massive growth of the cryptoart community and market, as it is not only really valuable to collectors and in some cases more accessible, but also because there are a lot of new artists that are going to be the ones that the next generations look up to in this business.

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3D Artist from Argentina.

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