Yusaymon: from Streets to SuperRare

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I decided to get in touch with an artist that has been on the Superrare platform for some time – Yusaymon – he has 96 creations – his bio stands out – one of his art pieces “Holy Pants” are the same shorts from his time on the streets –  his interest piqued my interest and so… I decided to interview him:

“The detectives and lawyers wanted to know my whereabouts. My mother had escaped with me to a place called ‘happy hill’ with a man that I thought was my biological father. It was not a happy hill; it was a clandestine and dangerous area where I spent part of my childhood locked up with recycled sheets, crayons, some books, abuse, mistreatment and drugs… my refuge in the darkness are these paintings that spill… molded by duality, I recycle my pain..”

The Holy Pants
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They were my only pants … when I had nothing else, when I was begging to the cosmos to get a shelter on the street, when I was alone, when these pants were the only thing that covered my nudity … when I thought how I would help my family that I had to leave behind … yesterday I told myself it’s time to put them in the trash as well as many of my arts. I just couldn’t …

“They were my only pants … when I had nothing else, when I was begging to the cosmos to get shelter on the street, when I was alone, when these pants were the only thing that covered my nudity … when I worried about how to help my family that I had left behind. Yesterday I told myself: it’s time to put them in the trash along with many of my arts. But I just couldn’t …”

In the middle of the forehead..

You have extensive digital artwork on SuperRare – 96 creations, the majority, if not all, are portraits, with distinct digital touches – with an emphasis on the eyes. In the middle of the forehead is now your recognizable wheel and spoke motif– could you talk us through their symbolism and their meaning?

Yes, its symbolism encompasses what I believe is the ‘sixth sense,’ which I believe we all have. It refers to the images that are always present in our minds. I see it representing inner wisdom and the entrance that leads to our inner self, inner realms and higher states of consciousness – for me, it has always been important to understand the knowledge that others have shared with me, and the cyclical result is that we are all one synergy that breathes, knows and represents –  it is a symbol that I designed to remind us that we are all one, in different perspectives and life processes.

Edition 1 of 1
everything you did for me. the one that came to me when I didn’t have to eat. the one that was real when everyone left.

..current representation of the characters..

How did you start off painting portraits – and how did your work develop into the current representation of the characters?

I started painting when I was around nine years old, but my approach became more aesthetic as time went by. Life circumstances led me to have more social experiences – for me it was difficult to socialize because of a childhood completely away from the system – in those moments I focused a lot on how to make human relationships work. 

I had a mixture of religious experiences and interpersonal experiences. In my daily life I decided to make more portraits and draw faces, as each face reminds me of a metamorphosis of myself – Yusaymon. My portraits were being reborn in a chaotic abstract, a surreal but therapeutic process.

..living in Peru for about 2yrs

Could you maybe highlight how your work was originally showcased as you grew up? Was it showcased at all or kept within your own family- a hobby? Or was the work showcased in the local community?

I have been living in Peru for about two years now. I have been traveling around Latin America these last few years – my works are known by my friends and family and by collectors and people in the crypto world… I have not had exhibitions, but of course I will soon start with that – I have several murals in mind for such a showcase.

MK Byte: 機密
Edition 1 of 1

..inspirations…and throwing in the trash.

Who were your inspirations for your artwork – growing up, and now – do you like to look at your artwork yourself?

Yes, I currently like my art creations – I used to have trouble accepting them and I would put almost all of them in the trash. I couldn’t continue to do that because I began to accept and enjoy them. My main inspiration comes from my intense life experiences, from childhood trauma to losing my country and becoming a refugee who traveled alone to foreign lands. Other inspiration comes from movies, life stories such as “Things the Grandchildren Should Know” by Mark Oliver Everett, and some books. A lot comes from Japanese animation such as the AKIRA movie – I search for inspiration from Japan sometimes. I also hope to write a book about my life.

which Superrare artists impress you…

What digital techniques would you love to master? Which recent Superrare artist has impressed you?

I would like to have more knowledge regarding creating art on the new Wacom Cintiqs, given that I currently create my art on simple materials.

On the SuperRare platform I like Suryanto, Ablu, Gary Cartlidge and burst_

what are you looking to achieve on SuperRare…

What are your goals with your SuperRare engagements? What are you looking to achieve with the digital art platforms? Are you looking to release on other platforms in the near future?

SuperRare is one of my favorite platforms – I have sold on other platforms and chains too, but now I want to put my energy into SuperRare and keep producing my 1/1 editions – my goal is to be the King of the Secondary Market and I am already seeing some secondary sales come through.

any art exhibitions in the pipeline..

Are you involved in any local art exhibitions to showcase your art or any other regional LatAM or international exhibitions?

I am working to create an exhibition with a crypto artist friend -maybe next year you guys will see the pictures.

World Cup, Germany and Netherlands…

Which football team do you support? And what’s your favourite local and international food?

I like Italian food and many cheeses. I am not a big fan of football but I do like watching the World Cup and I almost always support Netherlands and Germany. 😊

I found some music from one of Yusaymon’s tweets – maybe he likes it, maybe he doesn’t, maybe it reminds him of a period in his life, or maybe he played too much GTA V – “Our Party” –“Gabba Gabba Gabba Hey!”

Thank you Yusaymon for opening up your thoughts and sharing some of your life – I wish you well and all the success your next endeavour brings.

Mentions: Yusaymon, Gary Cartlidge, burst_, Ablu, Suryanto

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