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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

Somatic Artifacts #1 by Travis LeRoy Southworth

This work is part of my series “Color, Balance” where bodily artifacts removed from fashion photography become the base for paintings I create in Photoshop. I add subtle layers of digital paint and push pixels to blend the figure’s remnants into the background. I use color as a spatial feature, shifting away the boundary of the body to further blur lines between abstraction and figuration. An aspect of my practice engages the use of computer software that removes all traces of my hand— the process iterates the disappearance of the physical body on and off the screen. With this work, I aim to express the complexity of 21st-century identity, and the disconnect between the body and those around us. Physical works from this series where shown at my solo exhibition “I Am A Portrait” at Undercurrent, Brooklyn in January 2020.

In this painting, the painterly elements stand first and foremost for themselves, while the realistic physical bodies from the original photography fade off the screen. Abstraction offers new dimensions of meanings, functions as analogy to a feeling, expression or an idea. As described, Travis LeRoy Southworth shifts “away the boundary of the body to further blur lines between abstraction and figuration… to express the complexity of 21st-century identity, and the disconnect between the body and those around us.”

Ticket to the gallery by WintEagle

Ticket to the gallery / 2020

WintEagle’s basemesh 3D models stand out among this huge, confusing genre of art because of her excellent construction of an environment with rich yet surreal details that are in harmony with the main characters – 3D human figures in it. In her art, you see a world full of colors, stories, nature, beautiful weird objects, historic sites, surreal/disproportional spatial structures, light (reflection of light), abstract elements, and human bodies – all in an exotic, dreamlike harmony.

Fire Angel by Etiene Crauss

Fire Angel
Edition 1 of 1
Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.

The entire intensity, radiance and spatiality of those patches of color in Fire Angel are capable of conveying strong, unfiltered emotional impacts to its viewers. Staring at this painting is like staring directly at fire or death in the face.

Waiting for the Fall by kytten janae

Waiting for the Fall
Edition 1 of 1
make peace with the passing of time, shed tears if you must, what used to be is gone now / / / 2000 x 2000, sculpted in Cinema4d and rendered with redshift / / / exclusively on SuperRare

Waiting for the Fall is a delicate sweet contradiction in itself. It creates an ambivalent world where inside – you have the feeling of luxury, (sexual) sensuality, delicacy, and sweetness. It’s like the inside of a barbie house with decorative fragile objects placed right beside the window. Outside of the window, however, the fire is burning and the world is falling. Yet the stars shine in the most innocent optimistic cute way.

The Lovers by Cody Seekins

This work is an original interpretation of the Lovers archetype of the tarot tradition. In the image are the two infatuates, consisting of a love struck rabbit and a polymorphic being. Additional entities include a sun and a glittering rainbow Shiva Lingam. The baby-faced sun and the general environment are created in the manner of the Teletubbies cosmology. The lovers set upon a radiating surface akin to the game Twister, engaged in an intimate moment. Whereas the bunny is entranced, even possessed by his affection, his partner exists simultaneously in their physical play and an introspective dissociation into various psychological forms. Opening its mouth wide, it prepares to consume the glittering Shiva Linga which swims above the crown of the rabbit.

This is the most innocent, sexually charged art I’ve ever seen. Cody Seekins creates an artificial world set in the Teletubbies cosmology where you find forms of pleasure, sensory stimuli, colors, fantasies in this stirring universe. “Whereas the bunny is entranced, even possessed by his affection, his partner exists simultaneously in their physical play and an introspective dissociation into various psychological forms.” – this is the embrace of libido, of the abnormal, the wild products of imagination, of lust and fantasies, and the visual lavishness of psychology.

I See Everything With New Beams, I Do Dream by providerka

Open Your Eyes To The New World. Explore new dimensions and reach new planes of existence.

I really love K.A’s intense use of bright color dots to create high contrast color effect (see more examples: here). To me it resembles something in between of Jackson Pollock’s powerful drip-and-splash and Seurat’s cautious, pointillist approach to color. But of course unlike impressionism, the colors in K.A’s art are employed in an abstract, expressive even symbolistic way, to evoke the experience of the “New World,” new dimensions and new planes of existence for its viewers.

Perlin Dance by pirate_sheep

Portraying a lively hunt for food. Made in Houdini. Sound FX by Rita Bobinac

Best video art of the week. pirate_sheep often has a weird, unorthodox, unstoppable force in her art, which precisely captures the strong, dynamic power of life of her unfamiliar creatures (one of her main subjects.) In Perlin Dance, she portrays “hunger” of life in the most perfect way. You can see LIFE in its hunt, in its speed, movement, and crazy interaction with its environment.

Parallel Vision XVII by skygolpe & Federico Bona

Envisioning the future of space through the dominance of time over scale. Wrapped in infinity we believe to control the chaos. Everything is relative to the spectator’s point of view A collaboration between Skygolpe and Federico Bona

The best collaboration of the week. The collaboration is so “lazy” that you have to admire its cleverness – the simplicity & effectiveness to combine two artists in the most vivid and non-compromising way. They construct a museum like environment, where Skygolpe’s facelessman is framed and hung as a very large portrait while Fede, a 3D artist’s sculpture, is installed exactly as a sculpture in the right side of the gallery space. And it’s not only a combination of art from two artists, but also a combination two artists themselves. For I believe the red sculpture is an abstract self portrait of Fede (see Portrait), and the black & white facelessman is a self portrait of Skygolpe (is that traditionally looking painting actually an animated GIF?).

Lisa by Thato

Geometric abstraction of The Mona Lisa

Thato’s work of 3D geometry is the best IMHO. By far he has only used the most basic shapes – spheres, cylinders, cones, cube, cuboid, etc. and the most basic colors – to 1) build infinite combo variations, 2) symbolize/represent deep, complex or sophisticated ideas, 3) while keep his most unique, signature style, that when you see cubes and cylinders, you can always tell they are Thato’s cubes and cylinders. This is simplicity at its best. In Lisa, Thato reduces Mona Lisa into golden spheres, dark & silver cylinders, with a dark background. Whether or not you can recognize Mona Lisa here, he surely captures timelessness of Mona Lisa’s calm, solemn, and mysterious aura.

Faded by Jason Ebeyer

Faded, 2018 / 4000 x 5000 px Pulled from the archive and remastered exclusively for collection on SuperRare only.

I identify with her so much that I’m afraid my interpretation of Faded would turn out to be a self-analysis. If we say good art is what people can see themselves in, then to me Faded is a piece of perfection.

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