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Kiarra Velasquez

las vegas
portrait artist / instagram: @kvlsqz / twitter: @KIARRAVLSQZ

Meet the Sinclairs
Edition 1 of 1
They’ve heard so much about you.

Reisinger Andres

award winning visual artist / forbes 30 under 30 shortlist / ADC young gun 17
*Collaborating with @RAC on our first ever NFT series.


Gothic Posthumanism

Drunk Fisherman Singing at Dusk
Edition 1 of 1
A story of happiness in solitude, and the fleeting memory of my heritage in the coming posthuman future.

Kayo Siddhi

Kathmandu, Nepal
Illustrator/designer from Kathmandu, Nepal

Digital Hegemony
Edition 1 of 1
A digital version of Laxmi, the goddess of wealth.


I do art. أرسم

Early Evening
Edition 1 of 1
Pixel art interpretation of the city that I live in (Riyadh.)


Los Angeles
Blake Kathryn is a Los Angeles based 3d artist with a surreal futurist aesthetic. Her work fuses vibrant palettes with ethereal undertones, creating dreamlike experiences across various forms of media. She has collaborated with Adidas, Complex, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Lil Nas X & more.

Edition 1 of 1
Those who wander to stay lost ✧ 1080×1350 ✧ 2018, remastered in 2020 ✧ 1/1 Single Edition


Las Vegas
Each minted creation represents an audio / visual tokenization of a 3LAU song. I will only ever mint 1 creation per song. There are currently < 30 possible creations based on my music catalogue. Please also explore @SSX3LAU for unreleased audio / visual creations.

Star Crossed
Edition 1 of 1
Star Crossed


somewhere in the internet
Digital artist @slimesunday and 1/2 of SSX3LAU

Edition 1 of 1
Over the course of my career, many of my artworks have been censored or deleted from my social media portfolios for explicit content violations. Both Instagram and Facebook have flagged my account, making it almost impossible to release new artworks to their platforms. This is my first release from the “Banned From The Internet” series. This series will feature all of my banned artworks and will be exclusively released on SR. Grab them while you still can 🙂

Dave Whyte

Dublin, Ireland

Eight cubes
Edition 1 of 1
Eight cubes become one becomes eight. Created using Processing

RTFKT Studios

The metaverse
Next-gen sneakers studios, creating IRL and virtual grails for the metaverse. Operating across realities, and simulations. If nothing is true, everything is permitted. 🌐🖖

Edition 1 of 1
The OG CYBERSNEAKER viral virtual sneaker. #1 on Elon Musk Reddit. Covered by Unbox Therapy, Complex, Bleacher Report. The design has been appreciated by over 50 Million people, this is your chance to be the first to own this viral metagrail by RTFKT. *Please note this sneaker has been previously worn by Elon Musk in another simulation 🌐


Digital nooks and crannies of the spaces in my mind

Penny For Your Face?
Edition 1 of 1
“Penny For Your Face?” I ask gazing into the mirror. Ah, yes a penny for a face but which one? The face staring back at me gently whispers, “Penny for your face?” Ah, yes. A penny for my face.


Edition 1 of 1

Jason Ebeyer

Melbourne, Australia
Jason Ebeyer is a 3D artist known globally for his glossy figures and sensual style of artwork. Blending elements of fashion and technology with hyper surreal alien-like plastic models, seemingly plucked from the dreams of the digital generation. He has received acclaim around the world for his works unique fusion of soft emotions and erotic ecstasy. Producing artwork for the likes of Vogue Italia, Universal Music, Warner Bros. Records and Nike.

Edition 1 of 1
Intergration, 2020 / 5000 x 6000 px Released exclusively for collection on SuperRare only. Originally shared here:
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