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Weekly Top 10 Picks by an

confession by izzy/vngnc

告白 (こくはく) (kokuhaku) [Japanese] confession; acknowledgment; the profession of love; confession of sins (e.g. the confessional). conf告白ssion is a reflective short story (both literally and figuratively) of its artist’s struggle and burden of their past. a past that occurred not so long ago yet feels like a fuzzy memory from a previous life. 1920×1080 24fps mp4 video with original soundtrack.

Izzy/vngnc’s video art is extreme short form of films – capable of encompassing a story, a reality (or a simulation), a dream with maximum visual & audio effects under 30 seconds. His ability to construct a world, a powerful narrative and a full on emotion in a 27 second video is amazing. (See also: RESTART THE SIMULATION.) “confession” is exactly like what he describes himself: “i keep all of my nightmares, 3 am thoughts, and reflection in a book to drive all of my creation.”

Infinity Cat by Jonathan Wolfe

cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat

This is the typical lighthearted clever humor that you can find only in Jonathan Wolfe’s art. His art is often a combination of funny memes and weird photos of cute animals that actually exist.

No man’s land by femzor

As the end lingers

Remember the fire like redness of femzor’s art, I believe that’s his (and his art’s) soul. “As the end lingers” is Dali dreaming the apocalypse of the 21st Century. Skeleton, cats and crawling human being running away from some disaster at the left side of the painting, while someone is relaxing with her cat on a couch at the right end. The tension between the fear of end of the world and the attitude of not caring is quite prevalent in today’s world.

Alchemy by Esteban Diacono


This is what sculpture means in the cryptoart. It’s animated, changing, 3D and all digital.

Rabbit.bra!n by SAM CLOVER/planttdaddii

sculpted using z-brush, rendered in c4d/octane

My recent favorite digital sculptor. Extremely rich in details, powerful use of colors, and creatures that seem to be born out of Japanese folktales. Please visit her Instagram.

California Poppy by Luna Ikuta

Transparent California Poppy

I have a weakness for extreme black & white – when things go to bare minimum, all that left is the essence of being. It also reminds me of Robert Mapplethorpe’s flowers, but Luna’s is even better – it comes alive. It waves slightly (because of breeze?) and is 3D. You can tell Luna’s persistence & uniqueness in artistic style at the first sight (see her Instagram)

Arriving Home by Frenetik Void

Contemplating the conquest from afar.

This is Frenetik Void arriving home and finding his peace of mind and contemplating his next frenetik act I guess.

Anxiety by mercpin

Heart pounding, world changing all around you. This is anxiety from my perspective.

This piece is so emotionally powerful and disturbing. The ground is all dark, does it even exist? There’s no where to stand. The space filled with strong purple colors has nothing to do with reality. This is exactly what anxiety is about. You fall into a weird space, where all that’s left is your emotions and distorted perceptions. The animated space above shoulder (around the head) shows how your troubled brain drives itself crazy.

Sublunary by Etiene Crauss

I was made for sublunary, and in shades of blue lunacy.

Etiene’s art is so different from everyone’s. It’s 80% flat 2D color surface + 10% simple 3D perspective + 10% 1D sketch lines. You can’t really find this combination else where. His art is not a representation of reality, but symbolically effective lines and colors that express feelings and passions.

Neural Delights #4 by quasimondo

This work is part of a series of GAN generated images that I created as a contribution for Nick Knight’s “Fashion Digital Future” – first shown at Harrods, London in October 2020. In an iterative process I call “Transhancement” I reinterpret catwalk images from 20 years of fashion shows. For this I trained a custom neural network on “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by 16th century painter Hieronymus Bosch. As a result it deliberately misinterprets the data it is given and produces forms and textures that are undoubtedly reminiscent of his aesthetic whilst at the same time introduces surreal shapes and strange compositions. For this series I developed my own custom GAN architecture and training process which attempts to generate a rich variety of textural details whilst at the same time tries not to imitate brush strokes but maintain its own “convolutional” aesthetic.

I’m not an AI art expert in any way, but I feel quasimondo’s Neural Delights series is so powerful in its simplicity and elegance. And it’s so successful in the sense that it’s obviously a GAN generated image, but also so obviously different from all the other GAN generated art proliferating nowadays. It’s a culminating product of a technology, that transcends its technology.

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