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Fabio Giampietro

Fabio Giampietro is an Italian oil painter. His work combines traditional painting and virtual reality. The virtual dilation of the canvas invites the spectator to experience its reality within its newly exploded boundaries, where each step leads to a journey inside the nightmares and dreams of the artist’s mind. Fabio has been awarded the Lumen Prize Gold Award in 2016 . His work has been exhibited in the most important museums in Italy and galleries all over the world.

The Clown
Edition 1 of 1
Have you ever felt like you’re being swallowed by the city? In the Metromorphosis series the boundaries between portraits and urban landscapes collapse into a play of lights and shadows. Oil on canvas, 2008. 9480 x 7764 pixels

Adam Priester

Artist, raised in Sweden, currently residing in Berlin. Attempting to create densely atmospheric artwork, each a part of a greater whole. Interested in finding the right balance between technology and art – or perhaps between technicality and creativity.

Edition 1 of 1
Thoughts like thorns.

Ahmed Partey

Accra, Ghana.
I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Accra, Ghana. My art is influenced by African masks and sculptural pieces. My style is unique in all ways and brings a new perspective to how we view art and what we expect to see.

Edition 1 of 1
Inspired by African masks, this piece depicts a birthplace of the ancestors. The baobab tree stands as the spirit world where they all originate from.


HVY’s FIRST 10 WORKS IN VAULT AT HTTPS://SUPERRARE.CO/HVYVAULT HVY is the OG pioneer of large scale AR street art murals. Influenced by the DIY skateboard culture of the 80’s and 90’s, in an analog futurism aesthetic, HVY’s work explores intersections b/w emerging tech ~ human evolution ~ semiotics ~ politics. [Installations: Siggraph Los Angeles, Venice Design, SF Design, University of Geneva, Thrival @ Carnegie Museum of Art] //II0II0II//

Iconocryptic [2]
Edition 1 of 1
Iconocryptic Series [2]: re-imagines Guan Yin in an Ethereum-hip-hop-bling-rockstar-mash-up. There is an obscure Buddhist legend that Guan Yin promised never to rest until she had freed all sentient beings from samsara, or the cycles of life. Seeing the enormity of this task, Amitabha Buddha came to Guan Yin’s aid and appointed her a thousand arms with which to enlighten humanity. [mp4 1280 x 720 px @ 100 dpi 29.97 fps]

Scott Eaton

multi-disciplinary artist working with generative AI, photography, sculpture, and computer graphics.

Hyperbolic Composition I – Genesis
Edition 1 of 1
The first in my series of Hyperbolic Compositions. Created by combining my drawings with a neural network (GAN) trained on a large corpus of figurative photos I’ve shot in the studio over the past three years.

Kristy Glas
I paint various colorful landscapes, often with some fantasy elements. My art is uplifting and adventurous, I try to incorporate stories and creative writing with my projects, to build imaginary worlds.

The Tree of Hope
Edition 1 of 1
It has been been many years, since anyone had last seen her, the Mother Tree, the bearer of life. Many feared that the worst had happened and that she was gone along with all of her kind. No one would have been surprised, as we knew that she has been too good for us. Our greed, our jealousy was like raging sea, destroying, consuming everything around us. However, there was a rumor of a child who had seen the tree recently, somehow it was always the children who found it and yet when they would lead an adult to the spot, it would already be gone. Some believe that the kids are playing tricks, but I know that’s not the case. I had seen a tree myself when I was a child, but no one believed me. I am wanderer searching never losing that last glimmer of hope that I will find her once again.
Being stuck home for so long with the quarantine made me miss nature so much. This art is a reminder to appreciate nature, before it is potentially gone and everything else important in our lives. I wanted to show how beautiful plants and the city can be together, that they’re not mutually exclusive. The animation and glitch effects are my own, and I made them manually in Photoshop using various layer adjustments and transform tools. I prefer having control over the glitch effect rather than using a generative program. Image Size: 4000px x 2120px; 16.6Mb; Gif

Ailin Kertesz/afr0dita

Buenos Aires
I’m a Visual Artist and Tattooer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Also i’m student of Image and Sound Design in the University of Buenos Aires.

Nasty’s Sweet
Edition 1 of 1
I’m building the morphologyc of my pleasure. And this is a part of it.


Abstract Artist / Social Media: @csinclairart

Obscure Objectivity
Edition 1 of 1
We are not the objects we appear to be


são paulo
brazilian pseudoartist

Edition 1 of 1
Expect a grand finale.


United Kingdom

Takeda Shingen
Edition 1 of 1
Takeda Shingen (武田 信玄), of Kai Province, was a pre-eminent daimyō in feudal Japan with exceptional military prestige in the late stage of the Sengoku period.



Edition 1 of 1

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