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Amarillo Texas
18 year old artist, creating things on the internet


22 yr old animator, designer, & artist. Creating 4 the world <3.

“Up the Stairs & to the Right”
Edition 1 of 1
A digital painting created by myself in April of 2020. “Up the Stairs & to the Right” resembles a large house which seeks the slightest bit of presence . Anything besides the noise of nothing! Made on graphic tablet.


Digital artist


hello ! I’m annie. I like to draw the things that normally stay in my mind. 20 yrs old and working with whatever tools I can get my hands on.

Follow the Leader
Edition 1 of 1
oil pastel scanned and digitized

Gursahil Sohal

Southern California
19 always with my spirits

I See Double When I Think About You
Edition 1 of 1
This piece tries to capture the overwhelming sensation of love. when you feel true love it can make your brain vibrate at a totally different level. almost as if you’re seeing double.


Winnipeg, Canada
Canadian artist working in digital art and oil painting.
twitter/instagram: @kieranvalde

The Annunciation
Edition 1 of 1
The very first available NFT from Canadian artist Kieran Valde. Referencing Artemisia Gentileschi’s 1630 painting of the same title, Valde painted this piece first in oil before digitally enhancing the work. “As long as I live I will have control over my being.” – Artemisia Gentileschi

Matt Szczur
Matt Szczur is a professional baseball player and 2016 World Series Champion who began his art career by raising money through his paintings for multiple non profit organizations, including his own. Being a professional athlete, he draws inspiration from sports stars and iconic moments in sports history. Szczur uses stencils and spray paint as his chosen medium, focusing on line discipline that mirrors that of his own regimented lifestyle.

Julius Szczur
Edition 1 of 1
Julius Caesar morphed


CODAME is excited to launch four of their artists’ work on SuperRare: Snow Yunxue FuChar StilesJordan Gray (staRpauSe) and Janessa Robinson

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