SR Interview with Milton Sanz: Between Darkness and Light

My name is Milton Sanz. I am 27 and I live in Rosario, Argentina. I have been working as a free-lance artist since 2017. Working by my own provided me the opportunity to follow my own definition of art. 

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A hostile environment that gives us peace.

Before entering in Cryptoart I had worked in design agencies as a motion grapher. I recognize I have learnt a lot from this first experience, which allowed me not only to design my artwork art but also to explore different worlds such as rap and trap music. By that time I was 25 and being with all of these musicians meant a dream coming true. 

I believe that experience was a new start in my life. I decided to stop working for companies and places where I did not feel free to create and expand my art. Although I was feeling comfortable and excited about the idea of working with singers, I decided to move forward and develop my own identity as an artist. 

One crucial moment of my career was my encounter with Frenetic Void, the person who introduced me to Cryptoart. At the beginning I found it so confusing because I had to discover this world by my own and I felt exhausted about the constant movement of the platform. Nowadays Cryptoart is a place where I can express who I am and share my artwork with people who value it. In relation to this, the thing I like most is the absence of barriers to show who I am. What is more, I have changed my mindset and discovered other paths apart from 3D art and I have met many collectors and colleagues who I could share different points of views.

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This piece is the result of the joint work of two artists and friends. The challenge was to combine both, rigid and organic elements in a high contrast colour palette. This is more than composition; this is a compass to enjoy and learn about this artwork. Collaboration by Federico Bona & Milton Sanz

My conceptions of 3D art have changed a lot since I started to work on this platform. I believe this is because I started to give more value to static images and the post-production process, and I also take more time before publishing my artworks in order to appreciate their value and singularity.

When it comes to my inspirations, I always think about future and I try to avoid looking backward. Although I have my respects for traditional artists, it is important to me to look forward. This is why I usually spend a lot of time doing research about artworks from Russian and French artist who belong to expressionism and futurism movements.

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Not everything rampant is chaotic.

Normally I feel inspired by my own emotional states or thinking about the spectators. I am aware that my feelings may cause a variety of sensations such as armory or discomfort, but I believe these feelings are also part of my creative process which comes from my own dreamlike.  

As every spectator may guess, I am interested in the specific organic figures of a woman. I believe the natural bodies of women give perfection to my artwork. I am aware of the role sex plays but I consider that my artwork is beyond this perception. 

In relation to my techniques, I always try to focus on color in order to express the real feelings of each artwork. Posture and facial gestures are the main factors for me. I always try to show and share a message full of freedom, considering each piece as a world itself, with its own story and background. This is why environment is so important for me. It helps me to concrete my artwork. 

Thinking about my future, I would like to keep growing in Cryptoart and also to improve my art style, showing my artwork to people who do not know me yet.  

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???? ???? ???? ??? ??? ?????? ?? Crowd manipulation

I believe my experience in Cryptoart space is very particular because I started to share my artwork while I was also finding my own definition as an artist. By the time I was accepted in the platform I realized I was spending too much energy working in many sites at the same time. According to this issue, having the opportunity to focus on Cryptoart was vital for me. For this reason I am so grateful with all the supporters and editors who have offered me a place in this platform, providing me the chance to show my artwork to many people and collectors.

Another great opportunity was to meet people from my country in a group called CryptoArg.  I think this is one of the most remarkable aspects of being in this platform, due to the fact that I can learn techniques and styles from people who I share similar interests, culture and traditions. So, I have no doubt CryptoArg has had a positive impact on my decision of being part of SuperRare. It is a group where I belong and it makes me feel so pleased.  

7 Times I Love You
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I said it seven times to see if it came true.

Nowadays I have shared around 20 artworks in SuperRare and this is a proof of the role that the platform plays in my life. As far as I am concerned, Cryptoart is the only way in which artists can not only express freely but also to commercialize what they do. Although it was difficult to learn and get used to its language, I now see it as the only possible way of selling my artwork. If we consider how difficult is for Argentinean artists to make a living from their artwork I feel totally grateful for having a place in this platform. 

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Milton Sanz

I'm Milton Sanz, a freelance 3d artist based in Argentina!. Nowadays I'm working for the music industry in USA and Europe where my first task it's to generate 3D videos. I'm an Illustrator, graphic designer and nowadays i'm taking courses related to 3D.

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