SuperRare Generative and AI Art Week

SuperRare Generative & AI Art Week (Sep 7-10th) introduces you the best generative & AI artists on our platform. The event features more than 30 articles, interviews, studio visits, panels and multimedia projects from 20 generative & AI digital/crypto artists from SuperRare. We aim to provide you an in-depth understanding of the artistic/technical process and the stories behind each artists and their art projects.

Strength, Solitude
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Separation from nature. Coded with JavaScript. 1800×1200. GIF. 21.5MB.

Virtual Exhibition



Fine Art and the Unseen Hand by Daniel Ambrosi

INSOMNIA: A Nocturnal Cryptoart Journey by k0ch

Situating Artificial Intelligence Art in Traditional Visual Cultures by Harshit Agrawal

Generative Art Tools by Yura Miron

The Hybrid Generative Art of Studio Nouveau by Studio Nouveau

How I Taught My Creative Process to Robotic Arms by Pindar Van Arman

Cryptowave: Sculptures and Music by Studio Nouveau by Studio Nouveau

The Creation of an Artificial Artist by Pindar Van Arman

Is Creativity Just a Bunch of Simple Algorithms Competing with One Another by Pindar Van Arman

The Shaman Convergence by Bard Ionson

The Lost Robbies by Zack Yanger

k0ch: Corvus Project

The Best Wrongs: Deconstructing the M87 Blackhole by Matt Kane


An Interview with Josh Katzenmeyer: the Artist that Walks in an Abstract Landscape by k0ch

An Interview with k0ch: The Algorithmic Artist Lost in a Recursive Loop by Luxpris

An Intercontinental Conversation between @falco, @harshitrnnh, and @pindar

KVG Interview with Dark Fractures

KVG Interview with Espen Kluge

An Introduction to Artist Helena Sarin from Artnome

An Interview with PlaceofMany by Pindar Van Arman

An Interview With Artist Manolo Gamboa Naon by Artnome

Daniel Ambrosi: Dreamscapes

Daniel Ambrosi: in Conversation with Serena Tabacchi

Kate Vass Galerie in Conversation with Dark Fractures & Sofia Crespo

Studio Visits

Introducing Sofia Crespo: Virtual Artist Studio Visit by Kate Vass Galerie

KVG Virtual Artist Studio Visit: Meet & Greet David Young!


Generative Art Week: Panel Conversation with 4 Female Artists
Moderated by Kate Vass with Sofia Crespo, Anna Ridler, Helena Sarin and Anne Spalter. Generative female artists in the conversation about gender diversity, pricing and valuation of female art in digital art market.

Panel Conversation: Artistic Process and Generative Art
Moderated by artnome, this panel explores the artistic process behind generative and AI art with three leading artists, Helena Sarin, David Young, and Alexander Reben. The goal is to help collectors and potential collectors to develop a more nuanced understanding of how decisions around tools and process ultimately shape the work they share with the world.

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