Generative Art Week: Panel Conversation with 4 Female Artists

We invite you to join the panel conversation ‘Generative Female Artists Talk About Gender Diversity, Pricing, Valuation and more in the Digital Art Market’ moderated by Kate Vass with Sofia Crespo, Anna Ridler, Helena Sarin and Anne Spalter. Our speakers will discuss how it feels being a female artist in 2020 working at the intersection of art and technology – two worlds typically run by men-, the valuation of artworks in the cryptospace, blockchain as a tool to legitimise the digital artwork and much more.


Sofia Crespo

These works are part of an ongoing attempt at creating engagement with the rich biodiversity of the natural world through unconventional means. Rather than act as a documentation of existing life, I propose an alternative, parallel ecology that mirrors our own in ways digital and different: both at once reminding us of the physical worlds wondrous variety and simultaneously creating a digital presence of non-human life generated with the help of AI. 

Helena Sarin

it is all a game of GANstuction

Anne Spalter

Spalter’s decades-long goal of integrating art and technology includes founding the original digital fine arts programs at Brown University and The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in the 1990s. While there, she authored over a dozen academic papers and the widely used textbook, The Computer in the Visual Arts. Spalter is also on the Digital Art Acquisitions Committee of the Whitney Museum of American Art. (tranquilitybase7 on discord)

Kate Vass Galerie

KVG is a pioneer gallery, whose mission is to link traditional and digital art. The gallery lies at the intersection of art and tech with the purpose to serve as a “portal” between these two coexisting realities. Working closely with international curators to present the best program of emerging & established generative artists facilitating their rise to distinction. Our unique exhibition space is like an experimental element which aims to push forward the boundaries of exhibiting as well as moving away from the traditional & often austere white cube. In addition to the exhibition activities in its own space, the gallery implements art projects in Virtual Reality, decentralised lands, and sets “artist experience” worldwide in cooperation with various art market players, museums, tech companies and participates in many cultural and educational events, publishing its own educational material for a new generation of collectors. We operate and have marketspace for both traditional and crypto collectors.

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Kate Vass Galerie

Kate Vass Galerie is the first physical gallery in the world, headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, which specialises in art and technology (blockchain, crypto, AI).

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