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sauce_k is a twenty-four-year-old artist-designer-philosopher-painter-illustrator-screenprinter-human that is super-stoned, super-fly and on a mission: “Show the world my mind.”

The Bay Area, New York City, and street art are some of the biggest influences on my style. I want to portray and create feelings that are undeniable, like graffiti; raw, aggressive, disobedient. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly. Very purposeful or very random. Lines and brush strokes can be delicate, skillful and complex, or seemingly simple yet effective. What’s most important to me when creating, no matter the medium, is that the art is honest; it is what it is, and it does not try to be what it is not. In other words, the art is never trying too hard, it is effortless to an extent. The art takes control and leads the artist. To me this is true honesty in art, and all I strive to achieve.

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feeling frantic…

Clothing and street fashion go hand and hand with art in my life. I have my screen-printing studio crammed in my apartment and have been steadily building my brand, “dwellers”, since moving from San Jose in California back to the east coast to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan.  I am patiently waiting to release my first full collection to the public following well-received limited runs I dropped back in December and March. My clothing is an expression of my mind and my peers existing in this current reality that is the United States of America and more broadly the world. It also is just things I want to make; I enjoy making what I want to. Having the ability to design and then screen-print literally whenever I want grants me immense freedom and really allows me to experiment however I please with whatever materials I want to use. The end product is fly, in my opinion, and it makes me happy.

New York City is an insane place and I love it. I think its super important to be around other creative people and to naturally make other people be creative too. I really find inspiration seeing my friends and peers grinding for their passions. Let’s get it, you feel me? We can do anything we want if we really put in the time and effort. Art is my full-time job; I create every day and could never see myself doing anything else.

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mixed media from pencil on

I hope people can relate to my art in any way they find possible, whether it be through feelings of rebellion, freeing your mind, or just being curious or afraid of the unknown. There’s so much to life and I have no clue what any of it means, so at times I feel as if I’m trying to express that.

All of my digital art starts with a hand drawn sketch which I then color, paint, and edit typically with adobe illustrator. I believe drawing is truly the basis for making any kind of art. I love traditional methods, such as process painting on canvas, as much as digital methods and believe in the utilization of both. I am constantly practicing new applications and definitely have a lot of exciting pieces to release in the future.

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mixed media from pen on paper

Although I admit I do not yet know how to use GANs, I really want to learn how to effectively use GANs with my own artwork. I agree with the idea that this is the next step for tech and art and the next intersection of medium and artist. Imagine the impact of every artist using their own artwork with GANs generating purely original art. This is where I believe a lot of new artist collaborations can and will take place. I would love to participate in that type of collaboration and am aiming to make that vision come to life eventually. The future is very intriguing, and art is just going to keep getting cooler. It is so dope to watch it all unfold in front of us, who wouldn’t want to be a part of it?

I am beyond honored and excited to be an artist on SuperRare. The Crypto Art scene is like no other and the world has already taken notice. I am grateful for the support from this amazing community that I have received so far, it has reinforced my vision and I am poised to fully contribute to this art revolution. I dream of what the future hodls. Stay tuned.

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