Reflections on the Purpose of Contemporary Digital Art

By Yalo

Art is a very broad concept, and the further, the wider it becomes and has long gone beyond its classical understanding. Creative concepts permeate our entire being and find expression in the most unusual forms.

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I devote my entire conscious life to art. For many years I was engaged in physical and more “classical” genres – painting, sculpture, performance, mosaic, photo, video. Having a classical art education, I can say that for the creator it is important to have a basic understanding of traditional artistry principles, to study the works of old masters. Even if you consider yourself a super modern and revolutionary maker. Evolution is cyclical, and all ideas originate from older ones. Rejecting the achievements of the classical art school, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to move to another, higher level.

Alternative history of religion

I am close to the concept of Tiberius Silvashi (Ukrainian artist), that there are two main directions of development in a creative environment. There are contemporary artists who go beyond, find up-to-date tools for the embodiment of their ideas. And there are also contemporaries – these are artists who live and create in the same period of time. Contemporaries may well adhere, for example, to the canons of art of the 18th and 20th centuries and not accept new concepts. Like modern artists, they may not see values ​​in the classics.

I try to position myself as a contemporary artist, look for and use today’s tools, embody present-day ideas and images. I draw my inspiration from what surrounds me: people, events, morning Instagram feed, nature and other.

Technology takes such quick steps, just keep track of everything! Over the past few years, I am more and more immersed in digital art, studying various 3D software, virtual reality, blockchain technology and cryptoart. All this greatly expands the artist’s ability to realize his vision, to be seen and heard.

One of the key concepts about artists for me is that it is important to keep in touch with your essence, the true self. This forms the style, lays the message and conveys it to the beholder. I think that I will not be mistaken if I say that it is important for each artist that his vision and ideas are embodied in artworks and that these creative works are noticed and accepted by viewers. 

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We live in a completely material world where the principle of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs applies. Humanity is characterized by development, and when physical needs are satisfied, we begin to gravitate more and more towards something higher. This is a vital need. There are several paths to this subtle energy that surrounds our physical being. One of them is through visual, auditory and even kinesthetic art.

Having contact with oneself, the integrity, it is easier for an artist to find his/her audience and more clearly build a line of communication.

Art allows us to express what cannot be put into words, it catches our unconsciousness. If my work resonates with the beholders and they manage to catch deeper meanings, perhaps come closer to the answers to some of their questions, find some support, then this means that my work was not in vain and found its audience.

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Digital art has many positive aspects – it preserves materials (canvases, paints, brushes, clay, glass or what the artist usually uses) – all this can be modeled on a computer screen or in virtual reality. It can be shown almost instantly around the world, where there is Internet. It does not require the cost of a physical exhibition space.

But at the same time, digital creative work can be easily replicated and in general, can not always be perceived as art. But this was only before the development of blockchain and cryptoart! I am inspired by and delighted with the opportunities that blockchain opens up for artists. With its help, you can determine from one possible set of duplicates one authentic copy that has all the data about the creation, authors, owners. I joined the cryptoart relatively recently, but already managed to feel the friendly and supportive atmosphere that prevails here.

Having got acquainted with microstock, I am attracted by the idea that crypto art is perceived precisely as art, and not just as a beautiful pictures that can be printed on a notebook or t-shirt.

At the same time, I felt the possibilities of virtual venues to conduct exhibition activities! Sites such as SuperRare, KnownOrigin, BAE, Opensea and others play an important role in this, which allow an increasing number of artists to showcase their creations and find their fans. This makes art more vibrant, close to different groups of people, accessible to all who have the Internet and the necessary links.

I have not yet been very comfortable with decentralized virtual platforms like Cryptovoxels, Decentraland Somnium Space, but I actively tested MozillaHubs. When the artist still had the opportunity to build his own (even the most unthinkable) gallery space, to make own expositions, show them around world and even communicate with visitors in a real time? What an interesting time we live in!

I am excited about how technology and art develop and intertwine, what opportunities are opening up before us!

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