Thato: Feelings in Compositions

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Thato is a South African contemporary artist. He is fascinated by the endless oscillation of meaning. His work explores the relationship between technology and creativity. With influences as diverse as data science and machine learning, new synergies are distilled from both simple and complex meanings. As temporal derivatives become transformed through emergent and repetitive practice, the viewer is left with a tribute to the outposts of the future.

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Embracing the unknown

I’m an artist born and living in the Gauteng Province, South Africa. I’m a graphic designer by profession and a part time multimedia student. My first real job was as a CNC and laser operator, that’s where I learned to draw with computers using CAD and vector programs. I was drawn to computers when I saw my ideas come to life in minutes, I appreciated the impact that technology had on my craft and potential future.  

Edition 1 of 1
Critique of judgement

I usually start in my notebook, I’m always looking for colours, subjects, compositions and other tools of visual grammar. I usually work the composition out in blender moving primitives around until they translate. The compositions are rendered in Cycles or Maverick depending on the desired result and limitations.

Garcin influenced the use of the sphere and contrast, Dali influenced the use of balance and Irving Penn influenced composition. I draw inspiration for new compositions from the feeling or subject I want to portray. The inspiration for the feelings and subjects comes from newsletters, documentaries, podcasts and conversations, I’m often spoilt for choice. The goal is to convey and sometimes evoke emotions through simple forms and classic composition while exploring complex ideas.

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I find it important to leave creations open to interpretation, it’s the process where the viewer is first attracted to the image to where they can relate to it through the title. If it has caught the viewer’s attention and made them ask questions or offered answers then it has served its purpose, it has meaning. I prefer not to interfere with this interaction I think it’s more special when the viewer comes up with their own interpretation. It’s always rewarding to hear or read another persons interpretation of my work.

Edition 1 of 1
Disorder and Confusion

SuperRare afforded me a rare opportunity to share my take on life with the world, while helping me to improve my quality of life through sales and royalties. Crypto art and NFT’s continue to break records even in these uncertain times. Royalties can sometimes exceed the initial selling price, I think this makes the secondary market very important to any artist’s future portfolio value. It’s also exciting to see collectors using crypto art as a store of value and collateral to start new currencies.

Edition 1 of 1

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