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Why do we need SuperRare Editorial?

It requires a huge effort of research to “fall down the rabbit hole” of crypto art. And with crypto art being a fast-evolving emerging art genre, keeping up with all the developments and the bits of information sent out every day by artists, collectors, community members all across the internet – on Twitter, Discord, Twitch, or other news channels – is difficult. The barrier to entry of crypto art remains high. For crypto art to become the future of digital art, information about crypto art has to be better disseminated to – and learned, understood, and appreciated by – the wider public.

SuperRare Editorial is the portal to the world of crypto art

By bringing together and making accessible meaningful information and discussions on crypto art, SuperRare Editorial will serve as a rich and inspirational resource where people from inside as well as outside of the community can get the best, most comprehensive and up-to-date information on crypto art. It will also help add cultural, social and political depth to this fledgling art genre.

Many voices

Tokenized on the blockchain, crypto art bears the genes of decentralization. It is therefore crucial to have an open editorial space where artists, collectors, curators, critics and scholars share and discuss crypto art in a deep and meaningful way. Such nonhierarchical, voluntary collaborations will foster the development of crypto art. 

Democratized art world

A new art world is emerging where artists can earn royalties, collectors can decide their own tastes, the general art public can invest in artists they love through a fair and transparent process, and where people can disagree with, yet inspire, each other with equal status. A new art world where artists will be able to tell the stories of their art, represent themselves, and speak directly to their audiences; where art can be discussed, formed and developed from the bottom up; where digital artists can profit from their labor of creativity, freedom and authentic self-expression; and where people can create, discover, and collect art from around the world.

Virtuous cycle of shared knowledge and innovation 

We have all learned a lot from each other to be able to arrive at where we are right now. Crypto art was born out of shared knowledge and ideas that have brought people together from all around the world to form this new art movement. So by creating a destination site for knowledge & idea sharing, we can help accelerate inspiration, innovation, and creativity in the crypto art world.

The intersection of art and technology

In 2020 it’s easy to believe that technology is becoming increasingly dystopian, and to see art as an escape from, or alternative to the fast pace of technological change. Crypto art on the contrary symbolizes the belief that the advance of art and technology together will achieve the best of humanity. The crypto art world consists of artists, engineers, scientists, writers and entrepreneurs who share their knowledge, passion and faith in both art and tech. Common themes include not only the topic of art itself, but also programming, blockchain, AI, VR, AR, biology and the emerging metaverse. The crypto art community, more than anyone, stands at the intersection of art and technology. 

Decentralized history-making

Crypto art will come to represent empowered individuality, personal freedom, creativity and a rebellious spirit. Maybe subconsciously, we know that together we are making history. But history derives not so much from the events as from the narration of events. Do we want some other people to narrate the history that we are actually making at the moment? The answer is no. The history of crypto art shall be chronicled, told and constructed by people who participate in the making of history. 

The digital future is already here

We often say digital art or crypto art is the future. But the truth is, the digital future is already here. We all create, consume and curate a large amount of digital images and text online every day. Crypto art is close to our way of life. And we are honored to be on this ride.

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